Sea freight

Ragn-Sells exports waste paper and plastics to Asia from five of our group subsidiaries.

Container boat

Shipments are sent frequently during the year and we regularly use 40-foot containers. Our main export harbours are in Norway at Oslo, Larvik, Moss, Bergen and Stavanger. From Sweden we deliver from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, and from Denmark from our locations in Kolding and Nørresundby. We also transport frequently to Asia from the Estonian capital Tallinn.

Ragn-Sells also uses sea freight for shipments in Europe. We deliver waste for energy, recovered wood chips and tyres by sea freight. These shipments are usually sent from our ports in Norway to Swedish ports, but we also have raw materials clients in other European ports, including in the Mediterranean.

We use all major shipping lines for our destinations in Asia. Sometimes we have direct contact with the shipping lines and sometimes we work closely with the major forwarders in Europe and Scandinavia.

Please contact me if you have any proposals for shipment by sea, or if you just want to talk sea freight.

Christer Kvalshaugen

Mobile: +47 900 53 352