Rail transport

Care for the environment is important to all of us who work for Ragn-Sells. And our owners, the Sweden-based Sellberg family, are very exacting about how the company operates and its environmental work.


We therefore do our utmost to find eco-friendly transport solutions. And if these also reduce transportation costs, then we're doubly pleased!

We try as far as possible to deliver recycled waste to customers who can receive deliveries by train. But we also face significant challenges in relation to logistics issues between our own processing plants and rail terminals with loading facilities.

We often need to send one or two train wagons from one destination to another. But on the next occasion we may be able to send the whole train with volumes up to 1,000 tonnes from the same location to a customer.

We aim to identify more opportunities for utilising rail transport, making cost savings and protecting the environment.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss rail transport and eco-friendly solutions.

‚ÄčJohnny Evertsson
Head of logistics

Phone: +46 243 697 57
Mobile: +46 70 927 2339
E-mail: johnny.evertsson@ragnsells.com