Transport your raw materials

Ragn-Sells has an extensive logistics network. Our transports consist everything from liquid materials, palletized goods and materials transported by dump trucks to special transports for different occasions, our transports are carried on road, rail or by boat. We always try to use the most efficient and environmentally friendly alternative assessed for each individual shipment and its conditions.

RoadThe transports are carried out by a mix of our own resources and the resources of our partners, we see as a strength to interact with many different carriers. Our flows and material change and evolve, which means that our logistics must constantly evolve to be able to stay ahead.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to be a part of our network and together with us work towards becoming more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

‚ÄčJohnny Evertsson
Head of logistics

Mobile: +46 70 927 2339