Sell your raw materials

Ragn-Sells collects, sorts and processes waste for recycling. Every year we supply around 1,500,000 tonnes of waste products as raw material for industry or for energy production.

CityMost of the recycled waste is collected in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, but volumes are continually increasing in Estonia.

Ragn-Sells Recyclables is responsible for all sales of recycled waste throughout the entire Ragn-Sells Group. Operations are divided up into six different material groups – paper, plastics, scrap and metals, recycled wood and wood chips, waste fuel and tyres for energy production. We target new and existing customers that are in need of recycled waste for their production processes. It can be a paper mill, plastics factory or smelting plant for scrap or metals. Our customers can also be energy companies that produce electricity or district heating. At the moment we have a lot of industrial customers that use wood chips for fuel in their factories, or as a raw material in the manufacture of new wood products.

Ragn-Sells’ customers are based in Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, Europe and Asia. Our material sales managers at Recyclables have several years of experience working with their particular material, and teams of skilled employees who are based near our customers. As a customer, you should never be far away from Ragn-Sells.

We look forward to continuing our effective partnerships with our existing customers, and would love to hear from future customers.

Feel free to contact one of our material sales managers for further information about what we can offer you!

Jonas Wäneskog
MD Ragn-Sells Recyclables