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Ragn-Sells’ customers are demanding larger volumes of recycled waste than the Ragn-Sells Group is actually able to collect. That’s why we’re interested in buying your waste products – if they meet our quality requirements and you can provide them in the volumes that would make a partnership interesting for both of us.

Waste wood chipsWe provide an end-to-end solution, where we buy your raw materials and collect them for free from your facility, under an FCA or as agreed. Every year we handle roughly 1.5 million tonnes of recycled waste that can be used as raw material for industrial purposes, or to produce energy, and we have a vast network of customers for your waste products.

The materials we are primarily interested in are all forms of paper, plastic, scrap and metals, recycled wood and wood chips and waste fuels. In order for us to provide you with an end-to-end solution that includes transport from you to the end recipient, we need a minimum volume of one full truck load.

Ragn-Sells is of course also interested in sorted waste products in smaller volumes, but for these, collection is done via one of our 75–100 reception centres within the Ragn-Sells Group.

If you have larger volumes to sell, feel free to contact one of Ragn-Sells Recyclables’ material sales managers via the material links below.

Welcome to Ragn-Sells Recyclables!

Jonas Wäneskog
MD Ragn-Sells Recyclables

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