This product category only emerged quite recently. The idea that computers were for a select few and would never gain access to a broad market is long gone.

WEEEThe market is now flooded with electronics to an extent previously thought impossible and this trend looks likely to continue. In the context of global growth and increasing purchasing power, all kinds of electronics and electronic products are found all over the world, wherever electricity is available. Everyone wants to share in the opportunities offered by electronic products and enjoy their capabilities, and it's these very capabilities that have fuelled globalisation. It has become possible to communicate in many different ways and at speeds no-one would have thought possible.

These advantages have brought with them new challenges, not only in the development of products but also in their removal when they're no longer used. With demands continually placed on products, there's a race to find new materials and new designs to make everything cheaper, faster, smaller and more efficient.

The most stringent requirements arise when products are converted back to raw materials through recycling after end use. In order to encourage this, the EU introduced producer responsibility for the collection and recycling of used equipment, on the principle of “make the polluter pay”. The intention was to encourage producers to consider the environment in their development of products – ecodesign.

Ragn-Sells is meeting these challenges head on and contributing to improving objectives for the collection and recovery of materials through greater efficiency, development and training. In this way, we wish to contribute to global objectives and the utilisation of available resources.

We have accumulated considerable knowledge and expertise in this area over many years, and we are very happy to provide advice to our partners. We always welcome and follow up enquiries at Ragn-Sells.

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