Iron is found everywhere in everyday life, and of course it's used in large quantities. Consequently, it's important that we utilise everything we “find” as we go along, and so avoid having to extract more iron ore from the earth.

There is, and will always be, huge demand for high-quality steel and iron, so scrap will never entirely replace iron ore. Furthermore, iron degrades in that it corrodes or rusts. In order to use and reuse materials, it's important we treat materials optimally when recovering them, allowing us to put them back into circulation.

At Ragn-Sells, we have a strong focus on making use of existing know-how to help protect the environment, and implementing this know-how in our operations. We like to be involved in research to optimise know-how and technology, encouraging everyone involved to increase the recovery of materials, both in local communities and globally.

Ragn-Sells has a shredder plant in Västerås, Sweden, where we divide and sort in order to provide high-quality products for smelting plants, both in Sweden and internationally. We are a reliable partner that delivers consistently high-quality materials.

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Jan Hovelius
Sales Manager Scrap, Metal, WEEE

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