Green Facts

At Ragn-Sells we believe in an ecocycle approach, both for financial and environmental reasons. We’ve been working according to our motto “Part of the ecocycle” from the start and it’s becoming increasingly appropriate. Circular economy is a manifestation of economic models that highlight business opportunities where a circular approach is used.

The development of resource efficient, sustainable recycling is an important part of the work to both protect the environment and human health in order to promote growth and competitiveness. Waste and recycling policies must constantly adapt and evolve in order to both respond to and stimulate a move towards a more resource efficient and sustainable ecological society. Ragn-Sells believes that an important part of the aspiration towards a circular economy is to promote a movement up the waste hierarchy.

The waste hierarchy

It will be more profitable to recycle and reuse than to extract new raw materials, and methods to extract valuable materials from waste should be encouraged. Economic instruments should be used to stimulate recycling and resource efficiency. Ragn-Sells also sees the need to create new business models, which in itself implies a more efficient use of resources, for example by stimulating a secondary market for goods. This makes the quest towards a circular economy possible and at the same time it’s a modern tool to get the economy and employment to grow.

Magdalena Kwarta
Head of Quality and Environment Ragn-Sells Recyclables