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Jörgen ÖrnestavJörgen is passionate about creating long-term business

 Recyclables sales manager Jörgen Örnestav was already running a scrapyard when he was in his twenties. He has previously worked for Ragn-Sells metals and after a period as manager of a municipal cleaning department, he is back in the Ragnsells group and selling recycled materials in a global market.

Jörgen Örnestav learned the importance of utilising what has already been used when he was a young man in his twenties running a scrapyard with a friend and his uncle. ”That was when it started, when I was driving a lorry and learned to sort scrap as a twenty year old,” Jörgen says.

He started at Ragn-Sells as far back as 2000, and began working with metals in 2004. In 2006 he was employed as manager of a cleaning department at Norrtälje municipality. In 2013 he received a call from Recyclables’ CEO Lars Pärnebjörk. ”He asked if I was interested in coming back and working with the focus on metals. I will have been working at Recyclables for five years in the autumn.”

 As Sales manager for metal, it is Jörgen’s task to sell the metal that is recovered at Ragn-Sells facility at as good a price as possible. “One of many things that I enjoy in my job is being able to create a product out of a material that is a bit difficult to deal with, but which we nevertheless find a market for. “

 He also appreciates creating long-term deals with both new and old customers. “It is a conservative industry and not particularly inclined to change, putting a deal together with a smeltery or steelworks can take several years. So it is especially enjoyable when it comes off, I like challenges.”

As Ragn-Sells’ recovered metals are to a certain extent (about 15%) sold in Europe/Asia, Jörgen has a large geographic business area. Besides selling material, he checks that the customers’ processes are OK in term of the code of conduct and that Recyclables only sells to genuine companies. “I am also involved in finding new buyers which have the latest technology in order to obtain a better return and a higher recovery rate,” Jörgen Örnestav says.